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I passed out while shaving and woke up in the back of an ambulance
unaware of where I was or how I'd gotten there.

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With our system, you will, in the privacy of your own home, prevent and even cure your gingivitis or periodontitis quickly, safely and easily. It works using simple natural methods that won't break your bank account.

You won't be doing anything weird like gargling with vinegar or anything equally gross!

Just a simple, natural balanced way to take care of your mouth guaranteed to deliver permanent and amazing results.

-This radically simple yet effective program will work for you, even if you.

-Have severely damaged teeth and gums.

-Haven't been to the dentist in years.

Have been told by your dentist that it's too late.

Even if you feel that you've tried absolutely everything. you haven't tried the Tooth Defender.

Now let me just explain what the Tooth Defender is not.

It's not costly. it's not going to ask you to spend a whole lot of time doing weird stuff in your mouth. this isn't some deal where you have to make dramatic dietary changes you'll hate.

The Tooth Defender is for men and women who are tired of ridiculous and disgusting quick fixes, tired of funding their dentist's lifestyle and tired of feeling self-conscious about their breath and the way their smile looks. This system is custom made for people who want real, tangible and measurable results.

There are no push a button solutions in life. Everything takes some effort. What I've done with the Tooth Defender is assemble everything you need into an easy and affordable system that makes bringing back a healthy and attractive smile a synch.

So if you're like the thousands of other smart folks who've watched this presentation, and you're ready to revitalize your teeth and gums, then here's what the Tooth Defender is going to deliver.

So if you want to.

  • Guarantee fresh and pleasant breath that won't turn people away.
  • Stop the bleeding gums caused by gingivitis.
  • Eliminate the serious decay that comes with periodontitis and save yourself pain and embarrassment.
  • Avoid the cost, pain and stress of dental surgery.
  • Re-mineralize cavities in your teeth ? it's possible to avoid fillings and root canals.
  • Guard against oral cancer.
  • Avoid the pain and anxiety of root canals.
  • Whiten your teeth for a brilliant and attractive smile.
  • Eliminate tooth sensitivity so you can enjoy your favorite hot and cold foods again.
  • Give yourself back the self-confidence that periodontal diseases steal away.

Then the Tooth Defender isn't the solution for you. it's the only solution for you!


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